What is your returns policy?

Replacement or Refund or free spare part for genuine manufacturing fault – ie. inherent defect (not crash damage/ water etc)

Crash damage etc: We will ask for photo or video evidence, and returns will be video-unboxed for fair assessment of damage. Parts at buyers cost, or a £20 repair service (Firefly only). MicroDrone is modular, and easy to maintain

What age group?

Despite saying14+ on the box….in the UK many parents consider a sensible, supervised 8, especially if used to games consoles.

What if it goes “wrong”?

Contact us at support@micro-drone.co.uk we are here to offer support!

What if it hits you?

It will hurt! But very unlikely to break the skin.

The blades are very flexible, and the motor will stop

Whats the best way to learn?

See hints and tips. Keep steady height, fly directly away from self and keep white lights/black blades at front

You make it look easy, could (insert name) do it?

See “hints and tips” page for the best way to get confident quickly.

What if it gets wet?

Not recommended. We have got it wet and its been ok, if dried quickly,  however water damage voids warranty.