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Micro App Racers, Stunt Cars

 DIY bricks Drones – Lego style


Micro Drone 2.0+

Micro Drone 2.0+ is incredibly agile and nimble, and able to fly upside-down!, Optional HD camera, (to micro SD).

Our Lego style drone streams live video to a mobile,with an altitude hold feature which makes it very easy to fly, and video very smooth..

Our mini-drones have easy to maintain, modular designs, and have an easy-direction (headless) setting, helping camerawork, and  orientation

Robust, lightweight structure

Endure crashes and crazy stunts!

Film as you fly

HD or standard Camera accessories – allow you to take video or photos as you fly!

Backflips, Barrel Rolls and Somersaults

No expertise required, pre-programmed stunts allows you to perform amazing aerobatics!

With practice – advanced Double Flips and Manual “Loop the Loop”

Fly outside or inside, day or night

Relax on the sofa or take to the skies! Indoors or outdoors, even in windy conditions, day or night!

Charge via USB

So simple to charge! You can do this through a laptop USB charge or USB wall plug. Extra batteries available!

Great customer support

Friendly helpful staff will respond to any questions you have, email us anytime at or visit us at shows!