MicroDrone 2.0+ Options *SOLD OUT*


Modular, Headless, return, flips, inverted flight, 3 speed, camera option – photo or video to sd card

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Micro Drone 2.0+..

The UK developed quadcopter, which is modular by design…

Each part is easily replacedbox 2.0+3 speed settings..

It can be used indoor, or if practiced… take on a 20mph headwind!

So agile.. stunt mode for flips, you can even fly upside down!2.0+ inversion

Preset the takeoff direction, and it will remember… hit the return button and it will come back along the same axis.  There’s an easy orientation (headless) setting too.. no need to adjust for flying sideways or back-to-front – very handy when taking those group “selfie” photos, or getting a panoramic shot on holiday…

2.0+ wth camera  Take photos or record video to a micro SD – upto HD quality, 720×1280

You can get a 8 minute+ exhilarating flight from a 60 min charge, usb charger provided.

Spare Batteries upto 30% longer flight,   fast multi-battery chargers available too   


Flying range to 50m+

2.0+ handset 3.02.0+ propellers   2.0+ blades battery usb

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