Micro Drone 3.0+ with gimbal


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The Combo box

From the award winning team that gave us the Micro Drone 3.0, here is the 3.0+ with the worlds smallest gimbal camera!

During flight, the camera lens will swivel to give camera work much greater stability..

You can even swivel the camera angle through 180 degrees, and set a preferred camera angle mid-flight

The app has been updated to 720p resolution, so we can either record HD straight on board, via a micro SD card, or on our mobile, via the live stream wifi app

Whether its checking the roof tiles, or posting selfies to insta…

The combo box still comes with the detachable bumper frame, which can bounce micro drone off walls, in case of the odd crash in a tight space. Once our skills are up, remove the guard for faster, more nimble flight.

It is very sturdy too – sales of replacement motors are very low indeed!

If anything does ever go wrong, the build is modular – everything can be taken apart and rebuilt easily, without soldering. It is just a matter of plugs, screws and slots, and magnets!

The battery is still slot in, and easy to pit stop, so a few spare batteries means longer play or more footage

The camera attaches to the battery by magnets, and can be mounted front or back facing – which is one way of making group photos very easy

The other way is to use the Smart Orientation feature – micro drone can remember a preset heading, so even if micro drone is rotated 90 or 180 degrees…..forward will move the same preset forward direction .

And the preset heading feature also means it can be called back towards you, by hitting the One key Return button



Phone holder for handset

FPV viewer

may also be used for VR / 3D games, movies and educational apps

spare standard blades