DIY bricks Drones – Lego style


Handset or Mobile control

Live stream

Altitude Hold for stable hover

Headless and Return key

Indoor or Out


Build smaller or larger

One key take off and land




The closest thing to a Lego Drone.., lego style bricks, so you can add, build and customise with your own lego / bricks and ideas. Maybe even take a minifigure to the skies.


Build Options:  

Choose the large size setup for the frame guard to fit, or a smaller size for greater agility – perhaps for a more experienced, frequent flyer…

You can even use the camera unit alone (with battery) – as a dashcam, sports/action cam, cctv.. and record the footage on a nearby mobile

Once it is built, there are some incredible features:

one key take off and land

Connect your colourful creation to the handset, and unlock the blades (a safety control). Press the one key take off, and watch in awe as it climbs 4-5 feet and hovers! Even if you take your hands off the controller

Its air pressure sensor means it has an Altitude Hold feature, for a stable hover, which makes smooth camera work so much easier if you are checking the roof or taking the all important shots for youtube or instagram!

It has its own wifi Live Stream connection. The feature packed app is free, available to android and apple users. Any size smartphone phone will fit in the adjustable phone holder. If you prefer, control it with a tablet.

There is even a VR Headset setting, so you or a friend can get a “cockpit” view whilst you fly. The altitude holding feature makes for very steady viewing in a VR headset..

You have the added bonus of a bumper crash frame, and one key landing feature, for those inevitable moments…

Also, if the battery runs low, it will land itself..

mid air acrobatics – 360 backflipsbarrel rolls and somersaults

4 speeds for indoor /beginner, or tasking yourself against 20mph+ winds…

To make camera-work, and flying easier, there is an option for Headless mode, which makes orientation super-easy, and a One Key Return so you can bring it homewards along a set direction. It takes just 2 seconds to set this up before each take off…