DIY Drone Lego style WiFi camera



A great fun, little flyer, with lego compatible red bricks. 3 speeds for indoor or out, and acrobatic flip mode

Lego doesnt have a drone.., but this is the closest thing to it, lego compatible bricks, so you can add, build and customise with your own toy bricks and ideas. Maybe even take a minifigure to the skies.


Build Options:  

Fly with frame guard, or without for an experienced, frequent flyer… who might not be bumping into walls so much…

It has its own wifi Live Stream connection. The feature packed app is free, available to android and apple users. If you prefer, control it with a tablet.

There is even a VR Headset setting, so you or a friend can get a “cockpit” view whilst you fly.


built drone (easily dismantled for puzzle)


bumper frame

spare blades

Rechargeable battery (extra batteries available)

usb charger

Perfect as a starter drone, or a whole new dimension for anyone who likes lego, to self-build, or to customise and get creative by adding your own bricks…

Once you get the hang of it, clip on the wifi camera (included) to stream to a smartphone or tablet (apple or android). You can take videos, photos, or even fly it through app control


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